Wildcraft Adventure

By January 8, 2018
February 24, 2019 all-day
Qld 4465
Mind Body Soul
(07) 4622 6600
Wildcraft Adventure @ Mackinlay | Roma | Queensland | Australia

In video games like Minecraft and Terraria, players have to survive in a hostile environment, build their own home, hunt for their food, search for resources and fend off wandering monsters. Sure, your
child can survive in the ‘wilderness’ on the computer screen, but can they do it out in the real forest? In this exciting outdoor game kids have to work together, using what they know from video games, to
learn outdoor survival skills and earn points along the way.
Playing Wildcraft Adventure™ is a fantastic way to expand your gamer child’s experience out into nature.

Just like in their favourite video games, kids will be set a number of challenges throughout the day, and all the while be building their dens before ‘night’ falls and the monsters wake up. Players will light their own campfire, ‘mine’ for resources and use sharp axes; all closely supervised by experienced outdoor activity leaders. There’ll also be plenty of time to get creative with play and imagination of course!

This will be a full day of video game inspired outdoor activities for kids aged 6-13 years from 9am to 3pm.
We’ll also be enjoying some hot campfire snacks such as sausages and marshmallows. Children should bring their own packed lunch though. “Mackinlay” is 30min outside Mitchell on a bitumen road.
Open to children aged between 6 – 13 years. Only 20 tickets available!

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